Image-Based Cards

written by Andrew on

With Notecards, you don't have to settle for text-based cards. It allows you to use an image for the side of a card. Let's see how we do this!

Set Images From the Photo Menu

Whenever you're creating or editing a card, there's a photo toolbar button that will present the photo menu.

When you tap it, you'll be able to choose a photo from your library or take a new one with your camera.

Note: You cannot have both text and an image on your card. You must choose one or the other. When you choose an image, it will overwrite any text. If you want to return to text, you can tap the image toolbar button again and select “Clear Image”.

Paste Images

Sometimes, you will want to use an image from another app without saving it to your photo library. For that, we support pasting images.


To copy an image you have a couple options. If you're using Safari, you can tap and hold on an image for a few seconds and a menu will appear with a “Copy” option.

Alternatively, most apps support the ability to share an image. From the share image menu, you can choose the copy action.


There are also two ways you can paste an image. After you copy an image, a new “Paste Photo” option will appear in the photo menu.

You can also paste the image directly into the text box. You do so by tapping and holding inside the text box for a couple seconds and then letting go. A “Paste” menu item will appear from the cursor.

Note: If you don't see either of these paste options, it means you didn't successfully copy an image beforehand.

Displaying and Speaking Text

Even though Notecards supports image-based cards, it still relies on text for a couple important features.

That most basic feature is the ability to display it in a list of cards. For this, by default, Notecards will use the text from the non-image side. For example, if you have a picture of Seattle on the front with the text “Seattle” on the back, it will just use that “Seattle” text. However, that doesn't work if you use images on both sides, or if that is not the appropriate thing to be displayed.

The other feature that relies on text is spoken cards. With just an image, Notecards doesn't know what to say for that side.

If either of these things are important to you, we allow you to set a description for the image. Once you've set an image, tap the photo toolbar button again and choose "Set Description".

Now you can enter in whatever text you like. Notecards will read that text if you have spoken cards enabled and, if it's the front of the card, it will be used for display in lists.

Efficiently Adding Photo Descriptions

Going back into the menu to add a photo description can be a bit of a pain. Instead, you may find it nicer to first type the text out on the card. Then, when you do set an image, that text will be automatically used as the image description. Your workflow then becomes: type out description, set image, type out description, set image, and so on.