Using an iPad and iPhone Together

written by Andrew on

Recently we introduced full iPad support for Notecards. If you choose to use Notecards exclusively on your iPad, it will now work just as well as it does on a phone. However, if you are planning to use Notecards on both your iPad and your iPhone, there are some things you should be aware of.

Most importantly, Notecards does not currently support syncing your content between your devices. This is something we are actively working towards but is not ready to be released yet. In the meantime, you can use our sharing feature as a rudimentary way to transfer your cards between devices. However, there are some critical caveats you should be aware of when doing so because the sharing feature was not designed to be used in this way.

Study Statistics

Sharing cards between devices will not transfer the record of how well you've done on the cards. The only thing being shared is the content itself.

Card Edits

Any edits you make to a card will not be applied to devices you have previously shared content to. You can think of "sharing" as sending a copy of the content.

If you want to move the changes you've made from one device to the other, your best bet is to delete the containing deck from the other device and share all of it again. Just be aware that it will cause you to lose any study statistics you have on that device.

If you are concerned about losing those statistics, you can delete and then share only the cards that you edited. That way, you will only lose that statistics for those specific cards.

Different Email Requirement

Sharing cards to and from the same email address is not supported. We made this restriction because of the previously mentioned drawbacks of sharing and because we have plans to provide proper syncing. Basically, we don't want to give the impression that this is our long-term solution for syncing between your own personal devices.

However, since we don't yet have proper syncing, here are some basic ways you can still send cards to yourself:

  • 1. Use a different email address - If you have a different email account, setup using that address on your second device.
  • 2. Use a different form of your email address - Many email services support multiple forms of your email address still being delivered to you. For example, Gmail supports two ways of doing this. First, dots in your email address are ignored. So, if you normally use '', you can use '' as a different email address. You can also append any text you want after a '+' in your address. For example, you can use '' or '' or ultimately whatever you want as long as the text before the '+' is your normal address. Emails to any of these addresses will still be delivered to you. Check with your own email provider to find out what is possible for you.
  • 3. Use an email alias - Many email providers allow you to setup aliases. These are other email addresses that simply forward emails to your main address.
  • 4. Contact us - If none of these options are tenable to you, please reach out to us. If we get enough requests, we will consider removing the different email requirement (at least temporarily).

Ultimately, we hope you find the current iPad support useful. We will continue to make it better over time, but if you have any suggestions on what can be improved, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and let us know.