Sorting Cards

written by Andrew on

Today we released an update that adds the ability to change the way your cards are sorted. Let's take a look at how we can do that.

**Note:** This feature was made a priority based on feedback from a user. If there are any other changes or additions you would like to see, please contact us. We really listen!

Whenever you are looking at a list of cards (as long as you've updated to version 3.3.4 or later of the app) you will see a sort button in the upper-right. If you are viewing a deck or folder, you will need to tap on the card list at the bottom to reveal the sort button. Tapping "sort" will reveal the different sorting options.

Tapping on any of those options will update the way your cards are sorted.

**Note:** Your sorting option is applied across the app. We implemented it this way to make the app simpler. However, if you would like the ability to sort decks or folders differently from each other, please let us know us.

If you would like a different way to sort your cards, you can request it by filling out our contact form.