Create Cards Efficiently

written by Andrew on

When developing the add new card screen in Notecards we worked hard to make it as efficient as possible. We want to draw your attention to the ability to create several cards quickly on your mobile device.

**Note:** We are also happy to officially announce that we are actively working on ways that will allow you to create cards on your desktop computer. We will be releasing these new features over the next few months. Keep an eye out for them on the news section of the app, our Twitter account, or our Facebook page.

Some of you may be tapping the “Save” button between each card you create. Instead, if you are intending to create multiple cards, there are two ways you can shortcut that process.

The simplest way is to tap the next button on the right just above the keyboard. This button has a little bit of smarts behind it. It will be a “flip” button while you are entering content on the front. However, once you've added content on both sides, it will become a plus (“+”) button. Tapping that button will transition you to immediately create another card.

You can also perform the exact same action by sliding the card to the left as illustrated in the second image above. The plus button on the next card will be gray until you slide it over enough to activate the action. At that point it will turn to orange and, if you let go, you will be transitioned to a new card.

You can create as many cards as you want in this way and move between them by scrolling horizontally. Each time you create another card here, the previous ones are immediately saved to the “Unorganized” folder in case you leave the app in the middle of creating the cards or, in the unlikely the scenario, the app crashes. Our number one priority in development is to ensure your data is always safe.

Once you are done adding all the cards you want, you should tap the “Save” button in the upper right. You will then be presented with a list of all the cards you created for review and organization.

This should greatly reduce the friction of creating cards on your mobile device.