Have Cards Spoken in the Correct Language

written by Andrew on

Notecards has the ability to read cards to you as you study. This can give you an extra memory queue as well as, with the combination of the study timers feature, allow you to review your cards without looking at the device. This even works with foreign languages! In this post, we will see how we can ensure your cards are spoken in the correct language.

As You Create Content

The best way to make sure your cards are in the correct language, is to use the correct keyboard when entering your content. International keyboard support is built right into iOS.

You can add other keyboards from the Settings app in General > Keyboard > Keboards by tapping "Add New Keyboard...".

Once you select the keyboards you want to add, you can go back to Notecards. Inside the create or edit screens, when editing a side of the card, the keyboard will come up. On the keyboard is a button to change between different international keyboards.

You can either tap the icon to iterate through all of the keyboards you enabled, or you can tap and hold for a couple seconds to bring up a list of all of the enabled keyboards.

Notecards will even remember what keyboard you used for each side. So, for example, you might have English on the front and Spanish on the back of each card. As you create each one and flip between the front and back, the keyboards will automatically be toggled to the correct keyboard for that side.

As long as you use the correct keyboard while creating you content, Notecards will know what language to use when speaking it back to you.

Content You Already Created

The above method is great as you create content. However, there may be times when you have already created content and realize that it does not have the correct language assignments. For this, we added a way for you to change the language assignments in bulk.

You will need to browse to the deck or folder containing the cards you want to update. Once there, tap on the list of cards at the bottom. Here you can deselect any cards you don't want to update. Once ready, tap the "Actions" button and a list of actions will show up.

Choose "Set Language" and you will then be presented with an alert asking if you want to set the language for the front or the back.

Choose either option and you will then be able to choose a language to change all of the selcted cards to. If necessary repeat this for the other side of the cards.

Turn on Spoken Cards

Now, to be sure you set everything correctly, you can go to study the cards and turn on the spoken cards feature. You turn it on by tapping the speaker icon in the upper left.

Now, the cards should be spoken in the correct language!

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