Study Effectively with Start Small Study Method

written by Andrew on

It can be overwhelming to start studying a bunch of new cards all at once. To make this process less intimidating we added the Start Small and Divide and Conquer Study methods. Today, I want to discuss a good way to use Start Small.

The idea is to study just a few cards at the beginning so it is easy to memorize them. If the contents of the cards are relatively small, I normally set the initial group size to be around 10, but if the cards are more dense I will often shrink that number down, sometimes all the way down to 2 or 3.

To adjust this setting and a couple others, tap the small ⓘ icon next to Start Small when starting a study session.

It may seem pointless to study just a couple cards because it is so easy to remember what you just saw, but that is the exact spark of memorization that we are looking for. Once you have a good handle on those first few, more cards will be added in so you will have a mixture of the cards you just memorized and also a few new ones.

You can adjust how many are added with the Grow Group Amount setting.

As you see cards that you previously memorized return less and less frequently, it will start to move more and more into long term memory. If you start to forget one, I recommend you spend several seconds struggling to remember. However, if you can’t remember don’t be too hard on yourself; you’ll get it eventually!

You can continue this process until you are studying all of the cards and you should have at least a good initial memory of them. Just remember that if you don’t come back to study them every so often, you will forget them over time.