Notecards 3.3 - Study Enhancements

written by Andrew on

In this release we focused on adding more flexibility in the way you can study your cards. In particular, we enhanced studying with the following features:

  • Spoken cards - Have the cards read to you
  • Sequential in all study methods - Sequential v.s. shuffled is now a global option applied to any of the study methods
  • Study timers - You can set timers for each side that will automatically either flip the card, mark it correct, or mark it wrong after the specified time.
  • Improved international keyboard support - The keyboard you used to create a side is remembered for that side. So for example, if you are creating cards with one language on the front and a different one on the back, the appropriate keyboards will be remembered and automatically changed back and forth for you while editing. This also helps us read out your cards in the correct language when it comes time to study. As a bonus, you can set the language for a certain side of many cards at once from the Actions menu in browse mode.

We also made a few bug fixes/improvements:

  • Fixed multistage text input support for keyboards like Japanese Romaji (a shout-out to our user Cesar for bringing this to our attention)
  • Added a quicker way to share your cards directly from the folder header
  • Other behind the scenes improvements

Download it today from the AppStore.