What's happening?

written by Andrew on

When we first released Notecards in 2009, we were thrilled with the app, the feedback we received, the growing community of users, and the proof that we had created a tool that helped people learn.

We were excited to take the great feedback, feature requests, and community input we received and improve the effectiveness of Notecards.

Then, life happened. Companies large and small came calling, asking for help creating powerful custom iOS applications. We created some great software for them, we learned a lot and honed our skills, but it also reinforced our true passion: A desire to help people of all ages better themselves, their communities, and the world through smarter, faster, and easier educational tools.

To that end, we have decided to focus exclusively on Notecards and the Learn Brigade family of educational software applications from this point forward.

Watch for updates about the features we are adding to the next release of Notecards coming in the next few weeks.