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Our Story

“How can I study German easily anywhere I go, anytime I want?” That is the question that led Andrew Wagner, a college student with an internship at Deutsche Bank, to develop Notecards in 2009.

As a computer engineering student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Andrew recognized the ease and simplicity of studying with note cards. He also thought how convenient it would be to have the ability to carry note cards with him anywhere. He could then study whenever he had time and wherever he happened to be. Developing Notecards for the iPhone fulfilled that need for Andrew.

He didn’t stop there, however. Andrew’s passion for education and his desire to make the learning process easy and accessible to all learners led him to the decision to put Notecards on the app store. Notecards developed a loyal customer base by providing note cards that were easy to use in a distraction-free environment.

Over the years, as Notecards continued on the app store as an easy and smart tool for learners, Andrew spent time gaining knowledge and experience working for both large and small companies; most recently working for Chronos Interactive in Denver, Colorado. Now with the support of Chronos Interactive, Andrew has decided to refocus on his passion for providing faster, smarter, and easier educational tools, and is directing all his energy to improving the Notecards app and expanding to include additional study tools and resources.

By listening to valuable feedback from customers over the years and now with the availability of dedicated resources, the Notecards team has been working to improve the app’s feature set while maintaining its core strengths of ease-of-use and a distraction-free setting. The team also has a vision to go beyond a note cards app to create a community of learners who share knowledge and expertise in a supportive and inclusive environment.

The Notecards team is very excited to be taking this journey and will be looking to customers to help shape and develop the future of the business.